Panasonic Eco Solutions Energy Management Europe (PESEMEU) (former SANYO Component Europe Solar Business Division) is delivering sustainable energy solutions for both private and commercial use. Central to the business are the HIT® solar modules. Since the initial development of amorphous silicon solar cells in 1975 by SANYO, Panasonic continuously pursues groundbreaking research and innovation in this field. All modules have been certified by TÜV Rheinland for the stringent IEC61215 Ed2, IEC 61730-1 and IEC 61730-2, Application Class A standards. IEC 61 730 replaces the Class II. In addition, the N240/N235 and H250/H245 modules underwent extensive testing for salt mist corrosion and ammonia resistance, always under the most severe level of testing.

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VBHN 240-245SJ25

  • The solar modules are 100% emission free, have no moving
    parts and produce no noise
  • High performance at high temperatures
  • Panasonic is truly committed to quality since it began developing
    and manufacturing solar PV technology in 1975.
  • The dimensions of the modules
    enable a space saving installation and the achievement of
    maximum output power possible on a given roof area.

VBHN 285SJ40

  • More power on your roof thanks to best fit in portrait due to shorter module length and less space between module rows on flat roofs.
  • Improved shading management: 4 Shading zones instead of 3
  • Outstanding water drain: at every corner for improved self-cleaning

VBHN 325-330SJ47

  • 19.7% module efficiency
  • 15 years Product warranty
  • Less degradation on the field 
  • 3rd Party verified