Self-consumption pays off

Self-generated photovoltaic power has become cheaper than the purchase price from the grid.


With every kilowatt of solar power you consume, your electricity costs will sink and you will be more independent from increases in the electricity price. The cost of self-generated pv power remains constant over decades and provides stable electricity prices.


Have a look at our references:

The Deuble family consumes most of its solar electricity

Rempp K├╝chen GmbH puts the brake on electricity prices


With our wide product range we offer for each requirement the right solution, whether modular or compact, complete system or upgrade, lead-acid or lithium-ion battery, with or without feed-in tariffs. Krannich Solar can handle systems with outputs from 3kWp to 17kWp. The packages are designed for optimum efficiency and compatibility, irrespective of manufacturer and type.

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