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Rempp Küchen GmbH puts the brake on electricity prices

The solar system on the roof of the Rempp Küchen GmbH

Rempp Küchen GmbH

Rempp Küchen has focused on traditional craftsmanship since the time the small furniture shop was founded at the beginning of the 1930s. Today, the company also uses modern production methods to achieve high-quality kitchen perfection made in Germany. Rempp Küchen GmbH employs more than 100 people in Wildberg, where all kitchens are manufactured at a modern plant.

The first step towards better profitability


When the kitchen manufacturer expanded its production building and warehouse in November 2011, it also included a 160 kWp solar facility on the roof. A reversible counter precisely calculates the portion of self-consumed electricity. The result after one year of operations was impressive. The average rate of own consumption was 75 to 80 percent. And that's not all: Despite the facility’s location in a valley surrounded by mountains, on the Nagold in the northern part of the Black Forest, it produced so much electricity over the course of a year that the expectations of the facility operator where surpassed. Just in the month of June 2012 alone, the 692 solar Axitec modules supplied more than 20,000 kWh of electricity.

The further extension

In June 2013, two additional solar facilities with an output of 158 kWp and 162 kWp were commissioned on top of the two production buildings. This has tripled the total output. A lot of the electricity produced by the two newer facilities since June 2013 is used in the production process, which consists of equipment and machines that consume a lot of energy. The surplus is fed into the public grid and sold at the current feed-in tariff. Costs for self-generated electricity have been cut in half as compared to electricity from the grid.


Own electricity from the roof

Christoph Deuble, Johannes Deuble and Matthias Rempp, the Managing Directors of Rempp Küchen GmbH, decided to go even further. They unanimously approved the use of two additional roof areas of the company for a solar facility. In view of the high own consumption rate, high output and high and continuously rising electricity prices, the management team agreed: "Solar power production pays off for direct own consumption and leads to better profitability in the company." Also as prices for the solar modules continued to drop as performance increased, and costs for the production of solar power were thus reduced further.

Clever timing - higher own consumption

To increase the proportion of own consumption, energy-intensive equipment and facilities, which had so far been used during evening and night hours, are now operated during sunlight hours. For example, the transport of chips from interim storage to the main tank and the crushing of production waste were moved into the daytime period.



Rempp Küchen GmbH has implemented a model project for lowering costs together with Krannich Solar. A clever energy solution and a smart management team prove that solar power can lead to better profitability and more competitiveness for medium-sized companies -  in a way that is environmentally-friendly and brings us one step closer to the energy transformation.


This calculation shows it:

Solar power is cheaper than mains power. The return after 20 years is three times higher than the initial investment.

Mains electricity cost

18.7 ct

Solar electricity cost

 9.1 ct

Initial investment

 625,000 €

Yield in 20 years

 1,870,300 €


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