Krannich Trinity with SMA components

Installation with storage system for private and commercial self consumption

Greater energy independence for commercial and private users – to demonstrate how to achieve this, Harald Schmieg, Managing Director of EKS Solartechnik GmbH in Gerichtstetten, Germany, uses his own system as an example.

From the stables and barns on his farm to the business and residential buildings, all the roofs on Harald Schmieg's property are covered with photovoltaic modules.

Generating, storing and consuming at the same time. And collecting payment.

Whereas the electricity generated by the photovoltaic plant on the farm is fed back into the grid in return for payments that are still attractive, a large part of the solar electricity from the PV storage system on the business and residential premises flows directly to the consumers in both buildings. The Krannich Trinity self-consumption solution maximises independence from energy providers in the process:

If the current electricity requirement is less than the electricity generated by the 80 Axitec modules in his system, the surplus power is stored in eight Hoppecke batteries so that it can then be used during the hours of darkness. Only when the batteries are fully charged is solar electricity fed into the public electricity network. The Sunny Home Manager by SMA handles this multi-tasking role. It makes sure that the electricity always flows in the right direction and that consumers such as washing machines, dishwashers and tumble dryers, which permit flexible use, are operated during the hours of daylight whenever possible. Only when consumers and batteries are fully supplied does it send solar electricity to the public electricity network.

Up to 70 % independent of rising electricity prices

"We're looking at 70 per cent autonomy," says a satisfied Harald Schmieg. "This means that we will generate over 8,000 kilowatt hours of our average annual electricity requirement of 12,000 kilowatt hours ourselves. It's a great feeling when you think about continuously increasing electricity prices. And self-generated electricity is significantly cheaper than the electricity from the energy provider over the medium term, even taking into account all of the PV components including the batteries."

The annual yield of the new PV storage system is likely to reach around 16,000 kilowatt hours. In other words, the Schmiegs will consume over half of this amount both commercially and privately themselves. The private share of consumption by the family of five will account for the majority of self-consumption and will make them virtually self-sufficient.

Income returns, energy independence and a practical example for his own business

"With the Krannich Trinity self-consumption solution, I have killed three birds with one stone," reports Harald Schmieg. "The three factors of income returns, energy independence and a practical example for my PV installation business were equally important considerations in the decision to go for this system." Anyone thinking about purchasing the Krannich Trinity storage system can view the system in operation at EKS Solartechnik GmbH. As well as offering his customers and interested parties free advice, Harald Schmieg gives them the opportunity to be convinced of the performance, quality and degree of independence available from his own PV storage system. All data from any selected period can be accessed at all times, even while you're on the move.

Delivering a boost to private and global energy transformation

"A photovoltaic system for self consumption not only lowers the price of your electricity. It also delivers added benefits. The more electricity that is generated and consumed decentrally, the lower the burden on the networks. At the same time, solar electricity drives down the price of electricity and, last but not least, reduces the global CO2 emissions that are largely responsible for climate change. This is the only way to achieve the global energy transformation. We've certainly completed our private energy transformation already!"


Congratulations to the Schmieg family!


Details of the PV system

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