Reduce elec. costs in medium sized business

Solar power is cheaper than mains power. Find out why!

Medium sized businesses can save about 6 cents per kilowatt-hour using the power from a photovoltaic system. Moreover, increases in the electricity prices won´t be any longer an issue!

The German kitchen manufacturer Rempp is already using a 480 kWp photovoltaic system for reducing its operating costs.

The installed solar system of Robusta Gaukel finances its roof reconstruction.


Solar energy systems are worthwhile for SMEs because they require a great deal of electricity in the daytime – in other words, precisely at the time the solar energy system produces the electricity!

3 compelling reasons for solar power

    • Stable, inexpensive electricity price right from the first day onwards
    • Operating costs are reduced for the future
    • Sustainable decision-making as a corporate value


    Solar power is cheaper than mains power

    Solar electricity has now become significantly less expensive than grid electricity – and thus the intelligent alternative for SMEs. Those choosing to reduce their production costs by using solar energy increase their profitability, secure decisive competitive edges and assume entrepreneurial responsibility: for the environment and for the sustainability of their company! This is because the more solar electricity they consume themselves, the lower their electricity costs become.

    These companies put a brake on their electricity prices

    Rempp Küchen GmbH, a German kitchen manufacturer, decided to install its first solar system in November 2011, during the expansion of its production building and warehouse. The result after one year of operations was impressive. In view of the high own consumption rate, high output and high and continuously rising electricity prices, the management team agreed in June 2013  to go further and to use two additional roof areas for photovoltaic.


    Robusta Gaukel GmbH & Co. KG is a German manufacturer specialized in anchoring systems and safety technology. During a production and plant expansion in 2011, a 54 kWp PV system was installed on flat roof. Two years later, Managing Director Jan Gaukel chose to install a further PV system as he decided to renovate three old roofs of the production halls. Gaukel said that since they were already working on a new roof, it made sense to add some more photovoltaic, “Because we assume that electricity prices will not fall, and we do something for the environment."


    Both Rempp Küchen and Robusta Gaukel implemented model projects for lowering costs together with Krannich Solar. A clever energy solution and a smart management team prove that solar power can lead to better profitability and more competitiveness for medium-sized companies - in a way that is environmentally-friendly and brings us one step closer to the energy transformation.

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    Data of the PV Systems

    Rempp Küchen GmbH

    Robusta Gaukel GmbH & Co. KG 

    Installed capacity

    480 kWp

    237 kWp

    Module Type




    Kaco New Energy


    Mounting System

    K2 Systems

    K2 Systems




    Autonomy Degree